Our Portfolio

We use hemp to keep pets healthy, change stereotypes, and empower the culture

Oakland, California

The Project Pet story begins in underserved urban communities of color who cherish the strength, loyalty, and companionship of security and working breed dogs. We believe these communities and their pets represent many of the negative stereotypes perpetuated in society today. We also believe these pets have the power to assist marginalized people in building empathy, championing equality and promoting diversity outside our neighborhoods.

Project Pet ensures people of color get equal access to hemp research and sustainable pet products while empowering communities to break negative stereotypes associated with security and working breed dogs and their owners.

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Our Brand Partners

Our clients represent Europe’s most innovative, differentiated and disruptive brands; from start–ups to industry leaders.

Our Clients

At Birdzeye, we have the unique ability to identify niches in our market and the experience to bring those brands to the worlds-largest retail environment.