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We do hemp like no other

San Mateo, California

The popularity of hemp is exploding, which we love, but the industry is focused mostly on seed oil and CBD isolates which leaves many of the other great compounds in hemp behind and creates unwanted waste. Our exclusive extracts give you all the great benefits that the hemp plant offers in the most sustainable, eco-friendly way. And by including more of the healthy compounds and terpenes, you’ll benefit from the entourage effect which is a heightened experience based on multiple characteristics of hemp working together! The result is a line of great-smelling, sustainable hemp products that everybody can enjoy. Every day is HEMP day!

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Our Brand Partners

Our clients represent Europe’s most innovative, differentiated and disruptive brands; from start–ups to industry leaders.

Our Clients

At Birdzeye, we have the unique ability to identify niches in our market and the experience to bring those brands to the worlds-largest retail environment.