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Copenhagen, Denmark

Our name is derived from two ideals.The first is an Italian architect who championed the use of the golden ratio and great design. The second is the year which represents the Olympics and its values of excellence, respect and friendship which underpin everything we do. Great design driven by great values

All our products are produced by artisans and feature simple but classic technical designs handcrafted exclusively from only the finest materialsdelivering aspirational, luxury, every day-use case & carrying solutions toaffordable prices.

Having our own factories ensures we can:

· Deliver premium quality products

· Develop unique designs

· Use only the best materials

· Control the entire production process

· Comply with all industry and social compliance standards

· Make a difference within the areas we work

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Our Brand Partners

Our clients represent Europe’s most innovative, differentiated and disruptive brands; from start–ups to industry leaders.

Our Clients

At Birdzeye, we have the unique ability to identify niches in our market and the experience to bring those brands to the worlds-largest retail environment.